Australia Day Skyworks 2022: The show continues despite WA’s COVID-19 outbreak

Usually on January 26, Perth Beach is filled with people eager to grab a prime spot for the spectacular Skyworks show – but this year seemed a much more subdued affair.

It was until 6 p.m. 8pm, where open spaces on Riverside Drive were hard to find, forcing families who had previously spread out across the grass to intrude next to each other.

But as the crowds along the edge of the Swan River grew, so did the aversion to social distance and wearing a mask.

For some, the increase in audience numbers was a welcome relief.

“It was staring to look a little sad,” Kathy Rinley said of the lonely scenes in the hours leading up to the City of Perth fireworks.

Crowds have begun building on Perth's coastline for the Australia Day Sky Works event in 2022.
Camera iconCrowds begin building on Perth’s foreshore for the Australia Day Skyworks event 2022. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The Western Australian

For others, packing them was enough.

A family of four were quick to get started just moments after the fireworks had an explosive end.

“It’s pretty busy now, and yes, I think we’re a little worried about the number of people here, all in such close proximity,” Natasha Keilin said.

“Should masks really stop a super spreader, even when people are shoulder to shoulder? Not that everyone even wears masks.”

The shores of Perth have come to life for the Australia Day Sky Works event in 2022.
Camera iconThe spectacular show. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The Western Australian

When the state registered yet another increase in COVID cases, most had previously decided to avoid potentially large crowds at Riverside Drive.

Where families once should have fought for a decent spot on the grass along the Swan River, where the fireworks show previously attracted 250,000 people to the banks of the Swan River and Kings Park Gardens, they were now spoiled.

Andrew Reynolds, who showed up well in advance and expected to fight the crowds, admitted that “the mood is a bit low”.

“I’m shocked,” Mr Reynolds said. “I did not expect it to be so empty.”

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