How NASA technology protects the Earth and saves lives; check out witchcraft

NASA technology is shared with startups and companies to “boost the economy, protect the planet and save lives”

NASA Spinoff 2022: On January 25, NASA announced the release of its annual publication Spinoff. Spinoff is published annually by NASA to highlight all of the collaborative projects in which the space agency participated. NASA states that these projects involve working with companies, startups, and entrepreneurs and giving them access to its technology to “boost the economy, protect the planet, and save lives”.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson highlighted the role NASA has played outside space exploration, “As we fight the coronavirus pandemic and promote environmental justice and sustainability, NASA technology is critical to solving humanity’s greatest challenges.”

NASA Spinoff 2022: Highlights

NASA Spinoff 2022 features more than 45 companies that use NASA’s technology to improve manufacturing techniques in industries, improve Earth health by eliminating pollution, and purify the air to slow the spread of viruses, including Covid-19.

The 85-page book tells stories of how these technologies, developed at NASA for the primary purpose of advancing space exploration, find their place in commercial space to solve major challenges in the world. For example, a story tells that NASA and General Motors are teaming up to build robot gloves, which are now being used for industrial work areas to increase productivity and create safer environments.

“NASA’s technology portfolio includes many innovations that not only enable exploration, but also address challenges and improve life at home. We have captured these examples of successful commercialization of NASA technology and research, not only to share the benefits of the space program with the public, but for to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, ”said Jim Reuter, associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate.

Other highlights of Spinoff 2022 include NASA’s vertical farms, which help companies grow fresh vegetables in a sustainable way. It also talks about the NASA-developed system for growing plants in space, which is now being used to improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of airborne viruses, including Covid-19.

NASA Spinoff 2022 also includes a section called Spinoffs of Tomorrow. The section tells about 20 NASA technologies that are ready for commercialization and can have a big impact on the world. Some of them include a biometric identity verification system that unlocks devices using heartbeats, a nanomaterial device that can convert carbon dioxide into fuel and ‘self-healing aluminum’ that repairs cracks and repairs damage to aircraft, tanks and more. NASA highlighted that all of these technologies are available for licensing.

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