Lewisham Borough of Culture 2022 opens with full-day program

Residents of south-east London are getting ready as things in Lewisham are becoming much more creative …

Photo: We Are Lewisham

We start his tenure as the London Borough of Culture, and We Are Lewisham launches this Friday with a host of creative events running throughout the day.

Friday the 28th of January or ‘Day One’ will set the tone for the year and draw on Lewisham’s history of activism and create opportunities for communities to meet and for positive change.

The We Are Lewisham initiative also prioritises the district’s stories and history as well as topics such as the climate crisis.

On day one, residents of Lewisham are invited to get involved in the many pop-up performances and events that take place around the borough, on the streets, in schools and at venues.

Friday’s events include the We Are Lewisham movie (screening 6 pm-9pm), which will be shown across the borough and in Piccadilly Circus. Through photos and clips of Lewisham’s artists and members of the local community, the film waves along with the district’s identity. Famous faces to keep an eye on are spoken word artist Kae Tempest and poet Inua Ellams.

The day will also see the UK premiere of Identity Tapestry by American artist Mary Corey March at Lewisham Shopping Center.

The project invites people to ‘map’ their identity by using hand-dyed yarn to mark a list of statements on the installation that apply to them. Statements range from the daily (‘I love to travel ‘), to the deep (‘ I have lived in fear of my life ‘).

Topics cover family, culture, nature, place, work, friends, technology, faith, romance, work and our relationship with our bodies, and together these statements create both a portrait of each participant and the district as a whole.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will map out his identity on the artwork at 6 p.m.

In the morning (09.00-10.00) there will be ‘commuter riots’ around Lewisham DLR, Hither Green, Catford, Blackheath, Deptford and Bellingham stations.

Definitely one to brighten up your morning, these commuter unrest will see Lewisham music makers do their thing in pop-up performances.

Visit wearelewisham.com for more information

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