‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star From Toronto Says His Audition Process Was Definitely ‘Weird’

Have you ever wondered how the sexy singles of Too Hot To Handle ended up on the show? It turns out, the auditions are just as spicy as the episodes.

Obi Nnadi, a fitness model from Toronto who starred in season three of the show, tells Narcity that his audition process was “a weird one”.

At the time, Nnadi believed he was auditioning for a brand new reality show called Parties in Paradise and had no idea that he would, instead, be spending his days under the watchful eye of Lana.

“Honestly, I watched season one of Too Hot To Handle, and I thought it was one of those series where it was one and done. I had no idea that they were rebooting this thing, “he says.

“It started off like any other audition. Just simple questions like, ‘What do you do for fun? Are you single? Are you mingling?'”

Then, things took a complete turn.

“It went, like, to the next level,” Nnadi says. “She’s like, ‘Show us how you would dance if you’re on a night out.’ So I’m in front of my laptop, dancing for this random person I’ve never met in my life. And she’s like, ‘Take your shirt off. Show us those abs!’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, shirt’s coming off!’ “

“I’m literally just dancing, in front of my laptop with this random person I’ve never met before,” he laughs.

But it did not stop at shirtless dance parties. The final audition got a lot more “serious.”

“Then the other guy calls and he goes, ‘[…] so, what if someone was to tell you every single thing was a lie? How would you react? ‘”

“I was like, ‘What, that makes no sense!'” Nnadi says.

“It was a weird one, for sure. And I should have picked up by then that this whole thing was weird. Because we started off, it was Parties in Paradise, and then it changed to Pleasure Island. And then, automatically, it became Too Hot To Handle. So by the time it changed a second time, I should have known for sure something was weird. “

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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