Type 2 diabetes: Treatment for blood sugar includes garlic

Diabetes.co.uk says: “Although research recommends using garlic to reduce blood sugar levels only under the guidance of your doctor, it may provide a number of benefits to diabetics in conjunction with their usual insulin and diet treatments.”

The health body continues: “It knows that garlic contains more than 400 chemical components, many of which can help prevent and treat a wide range of health problems, but it is compounds including allici, allylpropyl disulfide and S-allylcysteine ​​sulfoxide that raise insulin levels in the blood through preventing the liver from inactivating insulin so that more insulin is available in the body. “

To maximize the benefits of eating garlic, you should incorporate the herb into a diabetes-friendly diet.

“Many people with diabetes follow a low carbohydrate diet because of its benefits in terms of improving diabetes control, weight loss and being a diet that is satisfying and easy to stick to,” says Diabetes UK.

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