Warning of further North Queensland drenching; Prince Andrew demands trial by jury; US rejects Russian demand over Ukraine

The United States has given Moscow its written response aimed at deterring a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced.

The response was delivered in person to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.

The written document intended to address concerns Moscow has publicly released and outlined areas where the US has said it sees potential for progress with Russia – arms control, transparency and stability, the top US diplomat told reporters at the State Department.

Mr Blinken declined to detail specifics presented to Moscow, but he said the US response reiterated what the US and NATO have said publicly – that they will uphold NATO’s “open-door policy,” rejecting Moscow’s demands that NATO commit to never admitting Ukraine.

“There will be no change,” Mr Blinken said of US and NATO support of the alliance’s open-door policy.

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