Kyle Shanahan: Trent Williams in motion is scary to see, I can not believe it is legal

NFL: JAN 16, NFC Wild Card - 49ers at the Cowboys

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When the 49ers added another wrinkle to their offense by setting off the offensive tackle with Trent Williams, coach Kyle Shanahan thought he had encountered something that would instill fear in the opponents’ defense.

“He’s probably the best guy you could ever imagine doing. I can ‘t think it’s legal. It’s scary even for myself to look at,” Shanahan said of Williams in motion. “I thought it was one of the coolest plays I’ve seen just because of who’s in it. “

Shanahan said there is nothing unique about the piece itself, it’s just that it’s very unusual to have 6-foot-5, 320-pound Williams in motion. Shanahan said the move was something the 49ers had previously had defender Kyle Juszcyk running, so they decided to try other players in that position and finally gave Williams a chance to do so after mentioning he would love a opportunity to line up on the offensive. bagland.

“We just look at it as the same play we’ve been doing for 10 years and what’s another thing we can add to it,” Shanahan said. “It used to just be Juice, then we added the tight ends, then we added running backs, then we added receivers. Trent mentioned it to me a long time ago, such a halfway joke. “

There’s no kidding about it now, it’s a formation that has become an integral part of the 49ers’ offense.

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