• Thursday, January 27th: Los Angeles City Opening
  • Thursday, January 27th: South LA Open
  • Week of February 3rd: North LA Open
  • Week of 10th February: Collection / Metaverse Hunters Reveal

18 US cities have already opened and over 100,000 virtual landowners from around the world are already enjoying it Upland’s metavers. Over 2 million NFTs have been purchased by players, and locations such as San Francisco, that Bronx, Chicago, New Orleans, and Manhattan has been sold out due to high demand for virtual land since the beginning of this year. Every day, more than 125,000 daily active users buy, sell and trade virtual properties, build houses, complete property collections, and participate in treasure hunts and city tours.

Upland has experienced record growth and activity over the last many months, with record levels of daily active users (125,000), Daily transaction volume (204 billion UPX) and daily trading volume (10.9k handler). Cities around San Francisco Bay Area is almost completely sold out, and cities in Manhattans sphere of influence has been sold out for a while. This has created significant pressure on supply and demand in their respective locations, underscoring the need for further urban expansion. Market activity in City Hubs like Manhattan – and nearby cities like Brooklyn and Staten Island – has never been higher and inventory is never more limited.

Upland’s the mantra is “Rebuild the World”, and on the company’s platform, players called “Uplanders” can not only buy virtual properties, fan articles and other digital goods, but also participate in a highly engaged community. In addition, Uplanders can exchange their owned digital goods with other players or even sell them for US dollars.

Upland (https://upland.me/) is a metaverse located at the top of the real world, allowing users to buy, sell and trade virtual properties mapped to actual addresses. Upland follows the principles of an open market economy by using blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets (NFTs). Upland is available at iOS, Android and Web, and can be played from anywhere in the world. For more information on Upland and sustainability can be found on https://www.upland.me/sustainability.

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