What is the most unusual lunar New Year dish in Vancouver?

If your Tiger Year starts with the roar of the stomach, this “lucky party” might fit the bill

Of course you can sit down to a traditional lunar New Year party with whole fish or chicken, dumplings, noodles and golden fried spring rolls, or you can start the Year of the Tiger with something a little different – but not really little at all.

The creative minds of The Frying Pan – the Vancouver food truck restaurant known for its massive, juicy, crispy, Korean fried chicken – have come up with something pretty epic for the annual celebration.

LNY Hot Dipper Feast was designed to share (thank goodness) and features two Southern-fried “dogs” (which are actually fried chicken sandwiches filled with slaw, pickle and mayo) served with waffle cheese fries and Shin Ramyun ramen cup noodles for dipping. The meal comes with your choice of two soft drinks and is priced at $ 33.

The “happiness feast” of the frying pan will be available from Thursday 27 January.

The Frying Pan is located at 60 West Cordova Street in Vancouver.

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