Plans to build 27 rental homes at the former Radcliffe paper mill

PLANS have been filed to build 27 rental homes at the former East Lancashire Paper Mill site in Radcliffe.

Great Places Housing Group has this week submitted detailed plans for the new property, which also includes buildings over a maintained grass area on the site.

The development on the “island” portion of the former East Lancs Paper Mill site would be on land between Cunliffe Street, Baybutt Street and Howard Street.

The proposals are for 20 apartments and seven houses, located just 400 meters from Radcliffe Metrolink tram station.

A design and access declaration in support of the plans has been published by the Bury Council.

It states: “The application applies for a full building permit for an intended residential development of houses and apartments with parking spaces, landscaped areas and associated works.

“The application consists of five three-room houses, two four-room houses, 17 one-room apartments and three two-room apartments. Great Places is home to North West and Yorkshire and manages more than 24,000 properties. ”

The new property would be a mix of affordable rent and social rental housing.

The report added: “The site is a mix of vacant brownfield lands showing evidence of past developments associated with the East Lancashire Paper Mill, which has now been demolished.

“The site also contains areas with maintained grasslands in the central part of the site.

“Cock Clod Street is a primary access road, not only for the island’s area, but for the broader master plan.

“A new wider junction is proposed to service the increased movement of vehicles.

“Rectory Lane, which leads to Howard Street, is an important access road to the site that serves as a route to parking lots on the street of the apartment building.

As well as access to the parking spaces at the back of the houses.

The proposed development is part of a much broader plan from Bury Council and Homes England to deliver up to 400 homes at the paper mill.

With its 22 acres, it is Bury borough’s largest brownfield site.

Future plans also include a park by the river and a relocated cricket ground.

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