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Why are you staring at the calendar with such wild zeal? We are already one month into 2022! And now it’s feb. You call it that because it’s the shortest month, right? As in: “puha, only 28 days until it’s over, and then March happens. Feb is probably fast!” No. It’s the month when many people “pause for a cause”. You can drop booze, sugar or any other charity for charity. You see, here’s the thing. The whole of the last two years has been defined by deprivation. In fact, if you ask me to give up anything else, I might just apply to you my new definition of Febfast: being super-glued to a wall throughout the second month of the year by your friend who does not want to hear about your abstinence plans. How about dropping sugar? Again, this is a tough pass. After daily health lectures from finger-logging bureaucrats since the beginning of 2020, I have finished medicating all my movements. Come on – it’s only 28 days. And that’s for a good cause. I hand in my donation in advance. And I will use my February as nature intended: to rock my grenache and my muffin and wait for the roaring twenties to finally begin. But there must simply be a bad habit you can stop. Bad habits are a subjective concept. Some people think that sleeping or crying or smiling are bad habits. Personally, I think it’s a bad habit to find fault with one’s own lifestyle and beat oneself up over it. Ok, I can see you’re not on board. But will you at least sponsor my Febfast? Absolutely. Like I said, that’s a good thing. And I also have a plan for February. Maybe you can even sponsor me. Please share. After my first two days of detox, I feel healthy enough to cope. It is the opposite of deprivation. I want to do more. More friendship, more laughter, more connection, more creation, more taste, more sharing, more anticipation, more celebration. I leave it less behind me and make 2022 the year of more. For wellness is also about abundance. And live. And have an open heart. It starts here and I call it “Feb-full”. I think we can do this together. Let’s enjoy a sunset and laugh our way into the roaring twenties. See how you can save with the latest deals on health and wellness by using discount codes from Australian coupons.



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