Ontario reports 58 more coronavirus deaths; over 440 deaths reported in the past week

Ontario reported a further 58 COVID-19 deaths Saturday as the number of patients hospitalized with the virus slowly declines.

The most recent deaths occurred over the past 13 days with nine deaths on Jan. 27, 17 deaths on Jan. 26 and the remaining deaths occurring in previous days, according to a spokesman for the health ministry.

Among the most recent deaths were 14 long-term nursing home residents.

Over the past week, 442 COVID-19 deaths were reported by the province, and 1,161 deaths have been reported in January so far, however, some deaths occurred earlier and were only revealed this month.

The ministry says two deaths were removed from the cumulative inventory today based on a data cleanup that brings the province’s death toll to 11,354.

There are currently 3,439 people hospitalized with the virus across Ontario, down from 3,535 yesterday and from 4,026 a week ago.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says 55 percent of patients were hospitalized for the virus, and 45 percent were hospitalized for other reasons but have tested positive for the virus.

Of those admitted, 597 patients are on intensive care, and 386 are breathing using a ventilator.

82 percent of ICU patients were admitted for the virus, and 18 percent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive, according to Elliott.

The ICU capacity is relatively unchanged from a week ago, when there were 600 people on intensive care with the virus.

Provincial laboratories processed 29,241 tests within the last 24 hours, compared to 36,296 tests a week ago.

Test positivity now stands at 13.9 percent, down two percent from seven days ago, according to the ministry.

Ontario reported 4,855 new cases of coronavirus today, but that is likely to be a minority due to test restrictions.

Among the most recent cases, 3,480 of the individuals are fully vaccinated, 765 are unvaccinated, 207 are partially vaccinated and 403 have unknown vaccination status.

So far, 88 percent of Ontarians aged five years and older have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, 83 percent have received two doses and are considered fully vaccinated, and 45 percent have received three doses.

To date, there have been 1,026,291 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases and 965,386 cures in Ontario since the pandemic began over two years ago.

On Monday, the province will lift some COVID-19 restrictions after returning to a changed step 2 earlier this month to combat rising case numbers due to the Omicron variant.

Many indoor environments, including restaurants, gyms and cinemas, will be able to reopen with 50 percent capacity, and social gatherings will increase to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors.

The figures used in this story can be found in the Ontario Department of Health’s COVID-19 Daily Epidemiologic Summary. The number of cases for any city or region may differ slightly from that reported by the province because local units report numbers at different times.

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