Toronto weather is set to drop to -35 C this weekend and more snow is on the way

The winter temperatures are here to stay as Toronto’s weather forecast calls for some tough weather from this weekend.

Environment Canada has already issued an extreme cold warning for 6ix, as biting cold winds are expected to blow through the city tonight up to Saturday morning.

The gusts of wind will bring the temperatures down between -30 C to -35 C, so be sure to throw on all the knitted treats you got from grandma last Christmas.

Weather advice also warns Torontonians that extreme temperatures like these increase the chances of getting frostbite and hypothermia, so watch out for cold-related symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, any kind of muscle pain or weakness, numbness and discoloration in your fingers or toes.

The Weather Network predicts a “breeding ground” for cluttered storms in Ontario in the first few days of February.

According to their forecast for next week, TWN is calling for mild weather in northern Ontario, with freezing temperatures sweeping over the southern parts of the province.

Arctic air coming from western Canada will push eastward, with southern and eastern Ontario becoming the “battlefield between warm air and arctic air.” Sheesh.

So what does that mean for Toronto next week?

Snow is expected to fall on 6ix starting just the first day of February with about an inch of snow. Then comes Groundhog Day, which is expected to have about five to 10 inches of snowfall, and that may continue until Thursday, February 3rd.

Prepare to get your shovels out!

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