Truckers gather across the Maritimes to support the Ottawa convoy

The cord was about to drop sharply, but hundreds formed a rolling protest parade through the streets of Sydney on Saturday.

The convoy began to form at Open Hearth Park around noon. 1pm before driving through some of the city’s main streets.

The organizers called it a chance for those who could not travel to the rally in Ottawa to have their voices heard from afar.

“It is in support, in solidarity, with the slow rolling convoy that has taken place across Canada,” said Dan Vachon, rally organizer, “our message here is that we want mandates to end so we can get back to it. normal life. “

Some attended only to show their support, while others showed that they are truck drivers and families.

“I’m here because I’m a Class 3 truck driver, I just finished,” said Megan MacNeil, a rally participant, adding that her father is also a truck driver, “working up in Nunavut and coming back and “try to prove he’s vaccinated and all. It’s too hectic for him and it’s not fair and that’s, it’s been enough now,” he said.

Over on the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, during the blizzard, there was a large police presence, but not many participants.

The Nova Scotia government had issued a ban on any blockade at the provincial border, even though the motorway closed at the border due to the weather.

One of the participants was driving from Parrsboro, NS

“We are here to try to support the truckers. We are here to fight for freedom,” the supporter said.

Back in Sydney, the convoy continued through various parts of the city, including Kings Road, George Street, Victoria Road and Highway 125.

“It’s not about the vaccine or the anti-vaccine. It’s all about against mandates. The rules, what we’ve been facing for two years, did not work. We have to go back to normal somehow,” he said. Ingo Vollmer. one participant.

The rally in Sydney was led by a police escort and conducted in Open Hearth Park.

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