Vancouver Tim Horton’s stabbing victim speaks out

The bandages are a painful reminder of an experience that Miguel Angel Zepeda Machorro wishes he could forget. The 25-year-old Mexican man is visiting Vancouver and last week fell victim to a vicious attack inside a center by Tim Hortons.

He does not speak English, but through a translator he told CTV News about the fearsome ordeal and how he feared for his life.

“He says he has a lot of pain around the area where the two stab wounds went into the side and into his arm,” Machorros translator said. “He feels a lot of anxiety. He feels that when he is outside, he says he feels that someone will attack him in the back. He feels insecure wherever he goes.”

On Saturday, January 22, Vancouver police said the 25-year-old was taken to hospital with life-threatening stab wounds. The attack took place around noon. 6:20 inside Tim Hortons at the Harbor Center, near the streets of Seymour and West Hastings. The victim, a newcomer to Canada, was standing in line as the suspect approached from behind and repeatedly stabbed him in the back and shoulder before running out of the store. Police took the rare step of releasing surveillance video of the attack due to their growing concern for public safety.

Thanks to a series of tips from the public, Vancouver’s police say they made an arrest in the case on Tuesday, January 25, shortly after noon. 16.00 near Granville and Helmcken streets. Twenty-seven-year-old David Richard Morin has been charged with a single charge of aggravated assault. He is still in custody.

“He says he hopes he has not given up, to be free with everyone else,” Machorros translator said. “It happened to him, it can happen to everyone else.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help with medical bills totaling thousands of dollars, as well as other expenses, to aid his healing.

“He remembers going into Tim Hortons,” said Machorro’s translator. “He says he can remember standing up and a person walked by his side and then suddenly he fell. Then, after watching the video, he realized it didn ‘t happen in his mind that he thought.”

Without family in Vancouver, Machorro says he is grateful for all the support and messages he has received from the local community. Doctors say he is incredibly lucky to have survived at all. They told him that if the knife was two inches in another direction, there was a very good chance he could be dead. Doctors say his physical wounds should take up to two months to heal, but the attack has obviously had serious negative consequences for his mental health.

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