🌱 RIP Howard Hesseman + Kat Von D sell Victorian for $ 15 million

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Howard Hesseman, the actor portraying Johnny Fever, is dead. Also, tattoo artist Kat Von D is selling her beautiful home. Finally The LAPD arrested a suspect for a recent murder and several subsequent burglaries in the home.

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Here are the best stories in Los Angeles today:

  1. Howard Hesseman died Saturday at the age of 81. Readers ‘at a certain age’ will remember him as radiodisc jockey Johnny Fever on the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati.” He drew heavily on his own experience as a disc jockey for San Francisco’s rock-and-roll station, KMPX. Jonny Fever turned Hesseman into “a counterculture icon at a time when few hippie characters came in on network television “around 1978 to 1982.”Booger!“(CBS)
  2. Tattoo artist Kat Von D bought her LA 1896 Victorian in 2016. It was originally built for Isaac Newton Van Nuys and “contains thirteen bedrooms and ten bathrooms in 12,565 square feet. “We learned on Sunday that this magnificent home with” a semi-enclosed covered porch with stone pillars and columns, a tower and a fenced front porch and front entrance with carved arched double doors and stained glass side lights “is back on the market for 15 million. (AMLU)
  3. We learned that on Saturday The LAPD arrested a “suspect wanted for murder and a series of subsequent robberies.” That 24-year-old man was the last of a group of five men arrested for the murder. The suspect “was charged with suspicion of murder and is detained against $ 2 million bail“(Fox 11)
  4. have you tried that buy a used car in Los Angeles? Did you get sticker shock? From Saturday it is The average price of a used car in the United States is $ 30,799. In LA, it’s $ 31,502. If you are willing to drive some distance for the lowest cost in the state, then go for it Modestowhere The average price for a used car is $ 27,816. (KTLA)
  5. Escalation clauses are becoming more popular in local real estate negotiations, we learned on Sunday. In a seller’s market, buyers have to go the extra mile to get the property they want. An The escalation clause promises “to outbid whoever comes in with the highest initial bid.” However, make sure you have a skilled buying agent on your side when you go this route. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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