Amy Shark begs Mark McGowan to open the border to WA so she does not have to cancel the Perth show at the RAC Arena

Amy Shark has made a final plea to Prime Minister Mark McGowan to open WA borders in time for her Perth show, which she faces canceling for the third time.

The Australian singer is set to play at the RAC Arena on February 26 as part of her reshuffled Australian tour, which was originally scheduled to take place last winter.

But it looks like she’s going to have to change her schedule again after the Prime Minister scrapped his plans to reopen WA on 5 February.

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Camera iconAmy Shark was due to play at the RAC Arena in February. Credit: Picture included.

“Dear Mark McGowan, I really want to come and see Perth again,” she wrote to her followers on social media.

“I miss the people and I really want to play my show on February 26th.

“I want to do anything before the show, I want to wash your car, mow your lawn, make dinner for you, clean your gutters, just let’s come in again. Amy.”

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Even a quarantine scheme would ruin Sharks’ tour, where she would play a show in Melbourne’s Rod Laver arena just six days after her Perth appearance.

Fans have thrown themselves over the premiere after her prayer, urging him to “help a sister”.

“It’s here now anyway, let Amy in,” begged a fan.

“Musicians and music fans have missed out on so much when the sport still has to go ahead. We had the grand finale here, the fireworks went on. Maybe we’ll lock musicians in to shows that have been postponed so many times.”

Shark was originally scheduled to perform in Perth in July, but moved it to September due to WA’s closed border. Another border closure resulted in the show being pushed back to February 2022.

“It’s unfair and it hurts, I know, but when I finally get to your city, I promise it’s going to be worth it,” she wrote to fans last year.

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