At all times happy with the London dog that was thrown from a bridge into a rubbish bin

Penny and Petal in their new home with Steven and Valerie Macdougall

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A dog that came into a Dogs Trust rehab center in Harefield, in the London Borough of Hillingdon, after being allegedly thrown from a bridge over a canal in a black trash can, has found her happy ever.

Terrier cross Petal begins the new year in her eternal home – with a new friend after she arrived at the Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Center last year.

Head of the Dogs Trust Center, Richard Moore, said: “Petal is one of those horror stories. She was handed over to the dog guard after being allegedly thrown from a bridge in a trash can, and the dog guard contacted us.

Petals in his new home with Steven and Valerie Macdougall.

“She was immediately placed in the care of one of our amazing dog carers, who has given her all the love and patience she needs. I’m so happy to say that Steven and his wife Valerie have decided that they simply can not be separated from her and has adopted Petal.

Steven Macdougall, who has worked as a dog sitter for seven years, said: “Petal came into the center two days after we lost our cocker spaniel Ollie, and as soon as I heard about her, I went straight to see her.

When the Terrier crossed Petal arrived at the Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Center in Harefield last year.

“I’ve never seen a dog so traumatized. I had an overwhelming feeling that she was supposed to come home with me, almost as if Ollie stepped aside to make room for her. She’s absolutely small – on size of a cat – but is actually about seven or eight years old.

“We’ve seen so much improvement, but it went extremely slowly until recently. She would only play when we were not in the room – we set up hidden cameras to see her.

Penny in her new home with Steven and Valerie Macdougall.

“She had shown us that she really liked being with other dogs – much more than humans – so after a long wait for the right match, we fostered another Dogs Trust dog, Penny.

“We tied the knot as soon as we met on the suction block, and I just knew she was the missing part of the jigsaw in Petal’s rehab. They clicked so fast that we’re now adopted Penny, too.”

The pair are inseparable, and with the help of Penny’s presence, Petal is now gaining confidence at a rapid pace.

Steven said, “It’s awful to imagine what she must have been through. To see her as she is now, to play with Penny – it’s the happiest I’ve ever hoped for.”

If you would like to help the Dogs Trust continue to be there for more dogs like Petal and Penny, you can do so here.

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