Blockade planned for bridge on the Burnaby border

Commuters are being given a heads up about a blockade being planned for a bridge on the Burnaby-Vancouver border.

One Monday, two blockades of the highway will take place in Vancouver during the morning’s rush hour. One on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, and one on the highway leading directly to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in West Vancouver.

“Superglue will be used to halt traffic and arrests are expected, raising our current count to above 40 arrests so far in the campaign,” reads a statement by the Save Old Growth campaign. “This is the final action of the first iteration of the campaign, with a break happening in February and March to recruit, train, and create more block teams, so further disruption will be made later in the spring. Actions will begin again on March 21, with the level of arrests and disruption in the city and province that will be unprecedented in British Columbia. ”

Earlier this month, several people were arrested for blocking Highway 1 off-ramps in Burnaby at Willingdon Avenue.

The campaign is raising awareness about the logging of old growth trees in BC

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