Five rescued after boat capsized in Sydney | Mudgee Guardian

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Emergency crews have used a helicopter to pull five people out of the water after their boat capsized in the Nepean River in Sydney. The boat capsized just after 3.15pm on Sunday with a rescue operation involving several agencies that managed to win three adults and two children to safety in western Sydney. “This was an extremely difficult scene, and horrible to watch, with five people fighting in the water while rescue crews tried to rescue them all,” said NSW ambulance inspector Peter Van Praag. “Three of the patients had aspirated water and will need ongoing care in the coming hours.” Police said one man was taken to Westmead Hospital in a critical but stable condition, and the other two adults – a 34-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman – were taken to Nepean Hospital in a stable condition. Two children – a five-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl – were taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital in a stable condition, police said. Insp Van Praag said the children were wearing life jackets, which helped prevent the accident from becoming fatal. A 33-year-old woman also died last week in the same area by the western Sydney River when a boat with four other people on board capsized. She was pulled out of the water unconscious and treated by ambulance people, but died shortly afterwards. “I really can not warn people strongly enough – to be careful and safe out on the water,” said Insp Van Praag. Australian Associated Press


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