How to cancel your Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium certainly makes life easy, but it’s still a paid subscription and they can increase.

If you want to save a little on monthly subscriptions and do not listen to much music, it may be a smart move to cancel Spotify Premium yourself temporarily. Spotify offers several payment plans, starting at $ 9.99 / month ($ 4.99 / month with Hulu and the Showtime package for students) to enjoy its entire music library without ads.

If you use Spotify through your ISP or another partner, contact them through the payment page. If you pay through an iTunes account, cancel via Apple subscriptions by tapping your name under Settings and then going to Subscriptions.

For everyone else, to cancel on either the Spotify app or a browser (you can not cancel from a mobile device), start by clicking on “Account” in the drop-down menu available from your profile picture.

A screenshot of the Spotify desktop app that highlights the menu below a person's profile.

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This will open a browser window with your account settings and billing information. Click “Change Schedule” to edit these and other settings.

Screenshot of Spotify account settings and billing information.

Go to account settings to cancel your Spotify Premium.
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The next page reviews all of Spotify’s subscription plans, with “Free” all the way to the bottom. Instead of “Get Spotify Free”, it is deliberately worded as “Cancel Spotify Premium”, but they mean the same thing. Click on this.

Screenshot of Spotify's subscription plans focused on "Spotify free."

At the very bottom where you can not find it.
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Clicking cancel is not enough, as we know that every subscription service wants us to stay. The next page reviews all the disadvantages of Spotify Free: Ads every 15 minutes, limited skips, limited mobile access (expressed as none) and no downloads. You did not cancel before clicking ‘Continue Canceling’ on this page, and this will not take effect until your next billing date.

Screenshot of a web page describing the disadvantages of Spotify Free.

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If none of this works, you can fill out this form and email it to [email protected] or send it to Sweden. Enjoy the extra money! There are literally no other benefits to doing this.

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