Kindy pupil is ready to make new memories at Woolooware Public School | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

When Nirvana Harper, five, steps through the school gates on February 4, she will be walking the same path taken by three women in her family.

The Kindergarten pupil starts at Woolooware Public School, where her mother Lelainya and both grandmothers also began their primary school education.

“It’s definitely a family tradition,” Mrs Harper, said. “The school has a special place in our hearts.

“I showed her photos of me in uniform so she knew what to expect. We live around the corner so when we would walk past she would say ‘there’s my big school.'”

It will also be an emotional day for the early childhood educator, who works at the same preschool her daughter attended since she was six months old.

“We are both ready for that break,” Mrs Harper said. “It’s time for her to carry on this legacy.”

“I’ve explained to Nirvana that there are still germs around, and things may change,” Mrs Harper said.

“Under the circumstances in the current environment, schools are doing the best they can. They are really understanding of people being cautious. I hope kids can have a normal school transition but we will take it day by day. Kids are resilient.”

For now it’s all about hoping for the best at school drop-off.

“Nirvana did not look back when she had her transition days. I will have to be the brave one,” Mrs Harper said.

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