Live updates like armed police cordoning off the street and telling residents to stay in their homes

Armed police are dealing with an ongoing incident in Llwydcoed near Aberdare and have asked residents not to leave their houses.

A number of police cars are present at the scene and dozens of armed officers were seen with firearms.

A resident said: “Another dozen armed police have just passed by. I can see about six police cars around and around. No one is allowed to leave their houses. This is very unusual activity for a postcode like this.

“Silent activity. What looks like floodlights is being carried towards the area of ​​interest. There is an ambulance at the top of the street.”

The resident added that the police seemed to be focusing their attention on forest towards the back of a residential area.

The incident is still ongoing, but South Wales police were unable to confirm the nature of the incident.

Follow live updates below:

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