Lotus Dining Group joins the famous Tokyo Lamington for exclusive ‘Year Of The Tiger’ Lamingtons!

The glorious, incredibly talented team at Tokyo Lamington has teamed up with Lotus Dining Group to release three exclusive lamington themes for Year of the Tiger.

‘Tigers’,’The Fortune Cookie ‘and’ The Lychee ‘will be available from January 29 to February 13, unless sold out!

Each Lamington is sold for 14 USD per. pop, or you can get all three flavors for $ 29 in a cute little triple pack.

Tiger:Carbon black mushroom cake with a striped yuzu, sesame cream and orange curd, dipped in white chocolate, covered with black sesame and orange-coated coconuts. “

Fortune Cookie:Vanilla mushroom with a crushed happiness cake and white chocolate mousse, dipped in white chocolate, coated with a crushed happiness cake, topped with a lucky red happiness cake. “

Litchien:Vanilla mushroom cake with litchi pieces, filled with litchi jelly cream, dipped in white chocolate sauce, coated with coconut and pistachio flakes. “

“The team at Tokyo Lamington are really creative and we love the way they celebrate different flavor combinations. These three lamington flavors are delicious and I think they will give a balanced ending to Lunar New Year banquets across our venues and share joy and prosperity with our dining guests. ” said Lotus Dining Groups head chef, Steve Wu.

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