Machine operators are encouraged to look out

Residents of the Wyndham, which operates heavy machinery, are urged to pay attention to overhead power lines after a series of close calls across the city of Melbourne.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) reminds machine operators to be aware of overhead power lines while ensuring that they follow all safety precautions.

The warning follows a series of incidents involving operators who have barely avoided injuries in recent weeks.

This message is especially important for those with little or no experience operating machines near power lines who may have rented the equipment to perform some work around their property.

The ESV advises all operators to ensure that they receive appropriate training or instruction on how to use the equipment competently, and to identify, assess and control any risks before commencing work.

ESV Commissioner and President Marnie Williams said: “Unfortunately, both experienced and inexperienced heavy machinery operators can fail to note overhead power lines.”

“Fortunately, no one has been injured in the past week, but not everyone has been as lucky in previous incidents where people have been seriously injured.

“When working with heavy machinery near power lines, use spotters, be aware of hazards and always make sure you have received the appropriate training.”


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