Rams fans are preparing for the NFC Championship Game – NBC Los Angeles

Preparations are underway for the NFC Championship on Sunday.

The Rams and 49ers are battling each other for their chance to play in Superbowl 56.

Less than 24 hours from the NFC championship game, a lot of fans were already out at SoFi Stadium picking up some new merchandise like hats, jerseys, t-shirts, even pompoms.

Football fans were out visiting the seats at the SoFi stadium before it was packed with people on Sunday.

“I just took myself out so I can feel the energy, gain momentum, because tomorrow we’re the winners and we’re going to the super bowl,” said Peggy Avila, a Rams fan.

Fans got the first dibs on Rams’ swag in the “equipment room” that opened for the first time in weeks.

“We had a little over 800 posters to give away, they were a gift with purchases for fans here, and we’ve already reviewed them in the first three hours we’ve been open,” said Gabriel Jimenez, merchandise retail manager.

“You can never get enough merch,” said Virginia Lawrence, a Rams fan from Inglewood. “Extreme sense of pride, extreme sense of pride. I’m happy with what the rams have done for society.”

Community-based businesses have also received a boost in sales.

“This is history, anyone who lives out in LA, this is the place to be,” Avila said.

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