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A “traumatized” driver broke down in tears in the middle of a southern Canberra road after filtering into a raging Rebels bike, which took his keys and threw them down a dam. Police found the man shaking near his car after the scary confrontation in October 2021 with gang member Christopher John Alwyn Cunningham, 35, in Wanniassa. Cunningham, who was jailed in December for shooting another man, appeared in ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to eight counts of driving. He committed these offenses, including grossly furious, reckless or dangerous driving and failure to stop for police, in four incidents between October 2020 and November 2021. Judge Robert Cook added more than nine months to the motorcycle’s already long prison sentence, which had previously been delivered. ends in September 2024. Mr. Cook also received nearly two months on Cunningham’s non-parole period, extending the Calwell resident’s existing disqualification from driving for more than 11 years. Agreed facts, which were presented in court, show that the police encountered Cunningham’s “very distressed” victim of weather rage while he was on patrol. The man told officers that Cunningham, who had driven a green Ford Falcon despite a disqualification, had driven past his Holden Cruze and cut him off a few minutes earlier. After getting furious that the victim beeped at him in response, Cunningham stopped in the middle of the road and approached Cruze. After verbally abusing the victim, Cunningham, who was wearing a rebel outlaw motorcycle gang jumper, grabbed the keys from the man’s ignition and threw them away. Police identified Cunningham as the perpetrator using footage from the victim’s dashboard. Before officers acted on this incident, Cunningham set out to pursue what his lawyer, Tich Pasi, on Thursday described as a “series of bad behavior behind the wheel”. MORE NEWS ABOUT JUSTICE AND CRIMINALITY: A month later, he once again defied orders to stay off the roads, and Cunningham drove himself to the ACT’s Supreme Court in Civic to attend the trial for the shooting. Officers saw him walking back to his Falcon in heavy rain at the end of the day and tried to pull him over, but Cunningham immediately crossed to the wrong side of the road and drove at a red light before taking off at speed along the London Circuit to lose pursuit. the police. Police arrested him outside court later in the trial, which ended with him admitting his guilt and he has been sitting behind bars ever since. He appeared via audiovisual link from the Alexander Maconochie Center on Thursday when prosecutor Lauren Knobel described his insult as “troublesome”. Mrs Knobel asked Mr Cook to disqualify Cunningham from driving indefinitely, saying the 35-year-old had repeatedly put members of the public at risk on the roads and “verbalised his lack of remorse”. She said Cunningham had recently told the author of a court order report that he planned to continue driving after his release from custody, although he was still disqualified. But Mr Pasi said Cunningham had made the statement, which the perpetrator now regretted while being “frustrated and angry”. He told the court that Cunningham, a father of four children, including a daughter born since his incarceration, “made an effort to turn the corner”. The lawyer added that Cunningham wanted to apologize to the court for his “disturbed behavior” behind the wheel and to the victim who was “traumatized” by the October episode. Mr. Cook ultimately refused to order a disqualification from driving indefinitely, but the judge expressed concern at the sentencing that Cunningham appeared to be “totally at risk of repeating” unless his attitude changed significantly before his release. . “I hope you change,” he told the perpetrator. While Cunningham will now be eligible for parole in August 2023, he told the court he would not apply for early release and that he would instead stay behind bars until the end of his new total sentence in July 2025. Our journalists are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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