SNL’s Michael Che Earns Groans Mocking Biden’s Vow to Put Black Woman on SCOTUS

After reporting the news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire from the bench in June, Saturday Night Live ‘s Michael Che joked, “‘We thank Justice Breyer for years of upholding the rights of every American,’ said liberals who have been tweeting, ‘Retire, bitch’ for the last year.”

“I sympathize with Breyer because I get those same tweets every Saturday around this time,” the “Weekend Update” anchor added. Then he told a joke that demonstrated why.

“President Biden promised to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court,” Che said to cheers from the live audience. Those cheers turned to groans when he delivered the punchline: “But I hope it’s not because he wants to sniff a new type of hair.”

Looking around, he added, “This is why I get those tweets.”

From there, Che moved on to a joke about Senator Mitch McConnell warning Biden not to outsource his Supreme Court pick to the “radical left.” that would likely sit better with viewers. “Coincidentally, a ‘radical left’ is also what McConnell takes to purposely run over stray dogs.”

Colin Jost, meanwhile, focused most of his jokes on the Trump family. “Ukrainian officials are saying the repeated warnings of invasion are just causing panic and that ‘panic is the sister of failure,’ which is exactly what Lorne told us to do this show in a blizzard,” he said. “So, am I wrong? I thought Ivanka was the sister of failure, ”Jost added as Eric and Donald Trump Jr.’s photos appeared on screen.

Later, he noted that “three items put up for auction by Melania Trump failed to reach the opening bid of $ 250,000,” adding, “but Melania is no stranger to finding out something isn’t worth as much as she thought.”

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