Unearthed photos reveal fascinating insight into old Cambridgeshire way of life

These images from the start of the 20th century showcase life in the county from a whole different era

A time of war, economic turmoil and ultimate tragedy for many, we can only imagine what living in the UK in the early part of the 20th century would have been like.

These unearthed photos from the 1910s and 1920s go some way to visually illustrating what life in Cambridgeshire was like for the local residents as they were then.

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Some of the emotional images show momentous occasions like Armistice celebrations in the city while others show everyday life at a general store and a polishing shop.

Others still are snapshots from a beloved tradition – the Cambridge Oxford Boat Race.

Scroll below to see these photos that are bound to offer a glimpse into the world of your ancestors.

For beautiful, historic images from the past have a look at memorylane.co.uk/ and see what you can discover.

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