Cash bonuses for elderly caregivers as coalition faces anger in opinion polls

A news survey published in The Australian Monday showed a shift in the coalition’s primary vote from 36 to 34 percent over the summer, two weeks after the Resolve Political Monitor in Sydney Morning Herald and Aging showed a decrease from 39 to 34 per cent.

The research and industry plan comes after criticism from the government for not doing enough to build local production, where Mr Morrison used the speech on Tuesday to pledge $ 2.2 billion to an action plan for research and commercialization, saying this includes 2 billion dollars in “new money”. ”Not previously announced.

The expenditure comes from the decisions made but not announced in the half-yearly budget update in December, which means that the expenditure will not change the forecast for the deficit.

The measures include a $ 1.6 billion competitive program to fund early research ideas to get through the so-called “valley of death” where projects can languish because they do not gain commercial support.

Other components include a $ 150 million expansion of a CSIRO program to support start-ups and a $ 296 million investment in university scholarships and doctoral degrees.

The policy also includes the $ 247 million “groundbreaking” program for a small number of universities, a commitment made last year and criticized by the education sector for helping some campuses instead of all.

Morrison would argue that only 40 per cent of Australian researchers work in the private industry, fewer than seen in other advanced economies, and that this needs to be changed to commercialize ideas.

“This, coupled with low mobility between industry and the university sectors, leads to cultural and capacity gaps that reduce the ability of Australian companies to innovate,” he said in a draft speech.

“To tackle this problem, the government will invest in a new suite of industry PhD and research fellowships to create Australia’s new generation of research entrepreneurs.

“We will invest in an additional 1,800 industry PhDs and more than 800 industry fellows over the next 10 years.”


“This is not an election promise. These are funded programs that are already in the budget, incorporated in the half-yearly budget update. “

Sir. Albanese has pledged a $ 15 billion “reconstruction fund” to pour money into local industry and has cited this as a way to speed up antigen testing in Australia, the latest manufacturing dispute.

The Labor policy platform also includes $ 1.1 billion to make 465,000 TAFE places free and fund an additional 20,000 university places, announced last December.

Elderly care cash bonus features repeat a $ 393 million program earlier in the pandemic to provide bonus payments to elderly care workers in state-subsidized home care and to elderly care workers providing direct care, food or cleaning services in state-subsidized home care.

With the elderly care sector requiring faster antigen testing and more staff to deal with increasing cases, Health Secretary Greg Hunt said Monday that the government had delivered 9.2 million RATs, including 7.6 million to the sector since August.

Hunt said 99 percent of nursing home residents were expected to complete their vaccine booster programs on Monday.

“So actually we’ll be done about six weeks ahead of our scheduled schedule, and it was a quick schedule anyway, but it was put forward by Omicron,” he said.

Hunt expressed sympathy for the families of the elderly, saying 60 percent of those who died were in palliative care, while 25 percent were either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

Labor has not revealed how much it would offer older care workers if it formed a government, but Mr Albanese said on Sunday that higher wages were one of the two important changes needed in the sector, along with stronger regulation.


“We still do not have a commitment to increases in salaries and terms, so elderly care facilities are able to attract staff,” he said.

“So I want to tell you one thing we would do right now: There’s a case before the Fair Work Commission about a pay rise for senior care workers. The federal government should file a motion to the Commission and support a pay rise.”

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