Frankston real estate agent ‘caught in the act’ in property walk-through

A rogue addition to a property walk-through video has delighted internet users, with the agent behind the listing welcoming the slip-up as a bit of “free publicity”.

A real estate agent who accidentally broke wind while filming a property walk-through video for a rental listing has been ruthlessly mocked online.

The video was a virtual tour of a one-bedroom unit located in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston and the unexpected fart was caught on camera.

While the clip has been taken down, the agent behind the listing, Adrian Foster, said he was unsure why the audio was not muted from the original video.

However, speaking to, Mr Foster said he was not concerned about the gassy blooper, and was unable to confirm the identity of the person behind the fart.

“It really does not bother me. As long as no one gets harmed, it’s all good fun, ”said the Principal Director of the Frankston branch of hockingstuart.

While the online notoriety had not resulted in more inquiries of the rental, Mr Foster welcomed the “free publicity”.

“We’re here to lease the property and if it gets some free publicity for my landlord, then that’s what we were for,” he said.

One social media user said the video was proof of the agent going “above and beyond to demonstrate the acoustics.” Continuing, they quipped: “Already a top tier property manager”.

“Love how the fart echoes too,” read one comment.

“Really demonstrates the spacious living area,” shared another.

“I laughed so much I accidentally farted,” another comment read.

Many users also identified the property as the former Ambassador Hotel in Frankston, which was turned into an apartment complex in 2011.

Located at 325 Nepean Highway, the property is known as one of the city’s cheapest property picks and is known for its history of criminal activity and inhabitation by squatters.

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