Giulia Jones steps down as deputy leader of Canberra Liberals to give her family support ‘they need and deserve’

The deputy leader of the Canberra Liberals Giulia Jones has resigned from her position, after making history as part of the first all-female political leadership team in the ACT.

Mrs Jones said today she had handed in her resignation to Canberra Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee after a period of reflection over the summer.

In a statement released this morning, Mrs Jones said the start of the new school year had provided an “appropriate opportunity to give reflection” about her decision to step down.

“Like so many Canberrans, I have felt very keenly the ongoing pressures of the coronavirus, a situation that will remain volatile and uncertain for some time to come,” she said.

“As the mother of a large family, I want to provide them with the support they need and deserve.

The mother of six will remain a member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and continue representing the electorate of Murrumbidgee, a position she has held since 2012.

“I am devoted to my electorate and want to ensure that the electors of Murrumbidgee continue to receive the strongest representation,” she said.

Elizabeth Lee stands in front of microphones while Giulia Jones stands in the background.
Canberra Liberals leader Elizabeth Lee thanked Mrs Jones for her work in the role.(ABC News: Mark Moore)

Mrs Jones became deputy leader of the Canberra Liberals, replacing Nicole Lawder, in October 2020. She took up the role alongside Elizabeth Lee, who took over the leadership from Alistair Coe in the wake of the party’s loss at the 2020 election.

As an all-female leadership team, they made history in the ACT.

“Elizabeth Lee has been very considerate of my position, as she has been of all Canberrans who have felt the pressures imposed by COVID-19,” Mrs Jones said.

“Her respect and concern for my circumstance has demonstrated to me precisely why she will make a great Chief Minister of the ACT.”

In a statement, Ms Lee said she and her deputy had “achieved great things in our time together in the leadership” and she was proud to have made history alongside her.

“Mrs Jones will continue to play an integral role in the Canberra Liberals team as we work towards a change of government in 2024.”

A new deputy leader has not yet been announced.

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