Melbourne Airport’s third runway opens at the end of the decade, flight capacity increases

The changed configuration of the runways will also trigger a major reorientation of the flight paths over Melbourne, meaning that suburbs further afield may be more or less affected by aircraft noise.

CEO Lyell Strambi said the airport had developed an interactive tool that allows people to enter their address and discover the noise impacts on their properties.

Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi announces plans to build a new runway at Melbourne Airport.

Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi announces plans to build a new runway at Melbourne Airport.Credit:Chris Hopkins

“Of course there will be some people who it can affect more than others,” he said.

“However, our task is to come up with a plan that actually works to the greater benefit, to ensure that the business case for the wider Australian community is coherent and that the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages of building and operating an airport. our minds, very strongly, that is the case. “

Ms Robertson, who lives in Keilor, just south of the airport, said noise from planes had gotten worse in the year before the pandemic drastically reduced the number of flights.

“On days when the weather conditions cause more planes to depart to the south, it’s like having your neighbors mow their grass all day, every day and at intervals through the night,” she said.

Hannah Robertson from Melbourne Airport Community Action Group.

Hannah Robertson from Melbourne Airport Community Action Group.Credit:Luis Ascui

Unlike Sydney Airport, Melbourne does not have a curfew. Ms Robertson, who grew up near London’s Heathrow Airport, said it was crucial that the third runway plan ensured a respite from noise.

“If we live in a residential area, it should be suitable to live in,” she said.

Sir. Strambi said possible compensation to affected residents could come in the form of tools to mitigate noise, such as double glazing and noise insulation, and will be organized along with the federal government.

“A lot of work has to be done at the level of detail, at the house-by-house level, because the story will be very different for different parties. There is no uniform size here. “

An artist's impression of the third runway

An artist’s impression of the third runway

The third runway will double cargo volume to 980,000 tonnes a year in Melbourne, which counts itself as the country’s freight hub.

The new airport in western Sydney, scheduled to open in 2026, will be able to scale up to 1.8 million tonnes.

Sir. Strambi said the airport’s existing runway capacity was about to be exceeded by 2026. The new runway will allow for an additional 23 million passengers and 136,500 flights a year by 2046, representing 40 percent more passengers and 43 percent more flights.

He was convinced that the demand for travel would be revived after the pandemic.

“I do not think people’s desire and willingness to connect has gone anywhere. People are still very keen to re-establish the connection, ”Mr Strambi said.

The airport does not have to acquire neighboring land to build the runway.

Brimbank Mayor Jasmine Nguyen, whose council area includes the suburbs directly south of the airport, promised to provide communal facilities so residents could have their say in consultation meetings.


“Brimbank is already affected by flight operations and noise from Melbourne Airport, and the municipality has previously expressed concern about the health effects of the proposed third runway on the Brimbank community,” she said, acknowledging the airport’s economic importance.

Frank Rivoli, spokesman for the Hume Residents Airport Action Group, called for greater consideration on how Avalon Airport near Geelong could be better utilized.

“Residents in neighboring communities agree that the impact of aviation should be more widely distributed and not concentrated in selected areas to achieve economic results,” he said.

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