North Dakota’s governor is focusing on broadband during the annual DC meeting

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – Governors are back in Washington DC for this year’s National Governors Association winter meeting. And Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND) has a seat at the table.

An insightful weekend spent, according to Governor Doug Burgum, hearing from governors with similar jobs who face similar challenges.

“Lots to absorb, lots of things for states and heads of state to dig into too,” Burgum said.

Burgum said he heard from government officials and talks on topics ranging from disaster preparedness to economic recovery and education.

But he intervenes on broadband and learns how North Dakota can use federal funding to improve digital proficiency.

“Can we work to reach the last percent who do not have it, can we use it to improve the wireless capacity of the state?” said Burgum. “And again, this is something every governor on both sides is asking the federal government, please no ‘one size’ fits everyone because every state is different.”

Burgum said this event allowed governors from both sides of the aisle to cooperate and plan for the coming year.

President Joe Biden is set to host the governors of the White House on Monday for further discussions.

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