The Informer: Anti-vaxxers knock on Parliament’s door, but no one is home | Canberra Times

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There’s a delicious irony that anti-waxers today began their “occupation” of Canberra – after all, it is one of the most vaccinated cities on earth. The meeting, which has attracted people from all over the country, organizers say, intends to stay in the capital until after the first meeting of parliament in 2022 on 8 February. It has taken its lead from similar protests abroad, which met against vaccine mandates and called. for the abolition of all public health measures. With few masks, a bit of social distance and a significant horn-honking game, the “2022 Official Convoy to Canberra Terra Australis” reached the front doors of the Parliament House, where “oi oi oi” counts printed finals this weekend at. Australian Open. Politicians did not show up when they left the city back in December. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, however, slapped his head over the breastplate earlier in the day to say that Scott Morrison is the best person to lead the Liberals to the federal election. Yes, the choice that has not been printed yet. A series of polls showed that the Liberals were well behind Labor and, of course, gave rise to speculation about a leadership waste. The treasurer went so far as to suggest that Mr Morrison would be the first prime minister since John Howard to sit a full term and go to the polls. Gads. Also in Canberra, the country’s deputy chief doctor produced an eyebrow-arching moment, “he said just that”. Professor Michael Kidd said a new COVID variant circulating in Australia is not yet causing concern among medical experts. Guess the operative word here is “yet”. Another 4.2 million people were eligible for a booster when the interval between the second and third doses for the general population was cut down to three months, and even today, precious, tiny pieces of humanity entered the big, wide world. The school year began for many, and when the children return to learn face to face, the parents in NSW received a sweetener of $ 500. Let’s see if the other states follow suit. But today’s tip for all parents is perhaps just the message “go low, go slow”. Need to know how to best deliver a fast antigen test? We can help. THE NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW:



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