A Group Of Ontario Co-Workers Won $2M In The Lotto & The Reveal Almost Ended In A 911 Call

Sharing is caring, especially when the sharing is millions of dollars.

According to OLG, a group of Greater Toronto Area coworkers won a whopping $2 million after scoring Ontario 49’s top prize in the August 20, 2022 draw.

The group members were:

  • Gail Simon of Nestleton
  • Bradley Hale of Port Perry
  • Lorna Horner of Uxbridge
  • Shirley Heppell of Holland Landing

Simon, who first discovered the big win, revealed the group had only been playing together for a few months before the million-dollar ticket.

“I was checking the ticket and saw we matched three numbers, so I thought we won $10 at first,” she said. “When the matching numbers kept coming up, I was shocked.”

Safe to say, Simon was a bit caught off guard.

“I checked using the OLG App, and I thought it was broken,” she adds.

But, the real confusion came when she tried to tell Horner about the monumental pull, which almost resulted in a 911 call.

“I thought she was having a health crisis because she said she had pains in her chest,” Horner gushed. “Then she told me we won. I couldn’t believe it.”

No one could believe their luck.

“I received a photo of the ticket while I was at work. I had to count all the zeroes,” Heppell added. “I had butterflies in my stomach.”

The group’s members have a bunch of plans for the winnings, which range from home renovations to new vehicles.

“It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience. It’s life-changing,” concluded Lorna.

If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling, there are resources available across Canada. Help is available.

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