Man dragged from Government House for writing ‘abolish the monarchy’ in Queen’s condolence book

A man has been thrown out of South Australia’s Government House for protesting the monarchy.

Video posted to social media shows the man being forced off Government House in Adelaide at 11.30 Thursday morning by three police officers.

It is reported the man was ejected because he held a sign and wrote “ABOLISH THE MONARCHY” in a condolence book for Her Majesty.


The man was filmed as he was being escorted off the premises, where he admitted to writing the phrase in the book.

He is currently talking to the police, 7NEWS reported.

The protest occurred at the same time Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gave a speech honoring the Queen in Canberra, following her death two weeks ago.

A man was escorted from Government House in Adelaide
Camera IconThe man was walked off the premises by police officers. 7 News Credit: NCA NewsWire

The man has now been banned from entering Government House for the next 24 hours.

Multiple people on social media supported the man, with one even dubbing him a “hero”.

“Good on him,” one woman wrote.

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