CIO shares stock picks to weather volatility in policy and inflation

Overly loose fiscal and monetary policy during Covid-19 was a “mistake,” according to the chief investment officer of asset management firm Antipodes Partners. Jacob Mitchell told CNBC’s “Street Signs Europe” Friday he expects to see a flip back to central banks “loosening policy aggressively” within 12 to 18 months to deal with the recessions set … Read more

JPMorgan predicts the best long-term 60/40 portfolio returns in more than a decade

There are good times ahead for the beleaguered 60/40 portfolio, according to a new report from JPMorgan. The firm is forecasting a 7.2% annual return for the portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds over the next 10 to 15 years, up from its 4.3% forecast last year. “The painful slump in stock and bond … Read more

Year-end rally ignited as rates fell and loosened their grip on stocks

Treasury yields fell sharply and eased their grip on the stock market Thursday, helping fuel the monster rally that broke out after a report of cooler-than-expected inflation data. The rise in yields this year has choked off stock market gains and weighed on technology and growth stocks in particular. They are high-priced stocks that do … Read more

Series I bond rate is 6.89% through April 2023

Jetcityimage | Istock | Getty Images The US Department of the Treasury on Tuesday announced Series I bonds will pay 6.89% annual interest through April 2023, down from the 9.62% annual rate offered since May. It’s the third highest rate since I bonds were introduced in 1998, and investors can lock in this rate for … Read more

TreasuryDirect crashes as investors try to beat key I bond deadline

Shape charge | E+ | Getty Images Investors crashed the Treasury Department website for Series I bonds on Friday as they clamored to lock in a record-high interest rate before a key deadline. I bonds have proven to be a bright spot for investors amid declines in the broad stock and bond markets this year. … Read more

Stocks could continue to break higher as Apple, big tech reports earnings in the week ahead

Stocks are expected to take their cue from the bond market in the week ahead, as investors weigh earnings from bellwethers Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Strategists continue to watch the market’s trading patterns for signs a bottom is forming after the Oct. 13 washout, when the market first fell and then surged following a hotter-than-expected … Read more

What to invest in amid rising Treasury yields and rate hikes: Analysts

Yields are rising again, and interest rate hikes look set to continue. Analysts say that means it’s a good time for investors to put their cash in bonds or Treasurys — especially the ones with the shortest duration. BlackRock said in a note on Tuesday that it believes the US Federal Reserve will continue to … Read more

BlackRock on recession playbook of sovereign bonds, US Treasurys

One important part of the recession playbook is “obsolete” — and that’s seeking shelter in bonds, according to BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. “Recession fears are roiling markets. Investors traditionally take cover in sovereign bonds, but we see this recession playbook as obsolete,” strategists from BlackRock Investment Institute, led by Jean Boivin, wrote in … Read more

This stock market rally has some staying power but there is one big obstacle

Stocks bounced off bad news on inflation last week and have been rising in the kind of broad-based rally that suggests the move higher could endure. But the surge in stock prices has also been accompanied by higher bond yields, and that worries strategists who follow stock charts. The closely watched 10-year yield has been … Read more

Brits are being hit by a wave of bad news

Pensioners protest over rising fuel prices at a demonstration outside Downing street called by The National Pensioners Convention and Fuel Poverty Action on February 7, 2022 in London, England. Guy Smallman | Getty Images LONDON — “The brains of humans and other animals contain a mechanism designed to give priority to bad news,” former Nobel … Read more