Sophie Gray’s family shows support for McHappy Day after years in and out of hospital

Sophie Gray has been in and out of hospital her entire life. Her family also lives 650km from Adelaide, or roughly an eight-hour car trip, which has made getting to and from appointments difficult, but Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has helped keep kids like Sophie with their families. “It’s our home away from home,” … Read more

Chris Hemsworth announces he has a high chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Chris Hemsworth has shared the scary news that he has a higher-than-average chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The Australian actor learned the news while filming his Disney+ series Limitless, in which he makes healthier lifestyle changes to push back against the natural decline that comes with aging. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Trailer for Limitless with … Read more

Covid in Sydney: More than 800 Covid patients arrive in Sydney on Majestic Princess

A cruise ship carrying around 800 travelers infected with Covid has docked in Sydney. The Majestic Princess arrived at Circular Quay on Saturday just before 6am, and many passengers sat on their balconies to watch the ship dock in the harbour, many wearing masks. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The Majestic Princess arrives in Sydney. For … Read more

Symptoms of brain cancer: Aussie woman’s niggling headache after plane trip was first sign

When 28-year-old Emily Smith flew to Queensland’s Whitsundays in September, she hoped her headache would disappear so she could celebrate her friend’s wedding as planned. But days after the flight from Melbourne she couldn’t ignore it any longer. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Emily Smith is bravely facing her second cancer battle. For more Health & … Read more

Nicholas ‘Nicko’ Smithson given terminal skin cancer diagnosis after hairdresser noticed growth

When Nicholas ‘Nicko’ Smithson visited his local hairdresser for a cut, they noticed an unusual spot on his neck. The hairdresser suggested Nicko should get the spot checked, however, he had already visited multiple doctors who had cleared him. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Nicko’s Bucket List Watch Sunrise on Channel 7 and stream it for … Read more

Symptoms of bowel cancer: ‘Tired’ Aussie mum shares tiny but deadly symptom

It was the first day of school. Melissa Laan had a needy toddler, a set of twins excited for kindergarten, a sick nine-year-old son and a teenager anxious for her first year of high school. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Bowel cancer is not an ‘old man’s disease’ For more Human Interest related news and videos … Read more

Simone was hit by double tragedy. She says a surprising substance helped turn her life around

Until a few years ago, Simone Surgeoner had never taken drugs. Now, at age 49, the Australian mother-of-four believes they turned her life around. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Are psychedelics the future of therapy? For more Health & Wellbeing related news and videos check out Health & Wellbeing >> “I’d never done any drugs, like … Read more

Medical marijuana Australia: How nurse mum and police officer dad became ‘sudden criminals’ in bid to save dying son

Lucy Haslam remembers her son’s first drags of a marijuana joint. Dan puffed on the drug, sourced illegally from a friend, as his conflicted parents, Lucy and Lou, looked on. With a chemotherapy port protruding from his shirt, the young man hadn’t wanted to eat for days – a result of bowel cancer treatment. For … Read more

Monkeypox declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. The decision was announced Saturday morning, local time, after WHO convened its second emergency committee on the issue on Thursday. Watch the video above to see more on the WHO monkeypox warning Watch the latest News on Channel … Read more

$ 750 COVID-19 payment on Centrelink: Here’s who can get it, and how to claim it

Isolation requirements for people with COVID-19 are not set to change as health experts say now is not the right time for a review. The advice from the chief medical officer had not changed in relation to reducing the seven-day isolation period, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. This contradicts NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, who called … Read more