Suze Orman is staying conservative with her investments, shunning tech and buying T-bills

Despite an 11% rally in the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite so far this year, personal finance expert Suze Orman is more comfortable investing elsewhere. “Starting quite a while ago now, I got totally out of tech,” Orman, the SecureSave founder, recently told CNBC’s ” Fast Money .” Orman’s technology exposure warning applies to both individual investors … Read more

Key Fed measure eased, spending declined

Consumers spent less in December even as an inflation measure considered key by the Federal Reserve showed the pace of price increases easing, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Personal consumption expenditures excluding food and energy increased 4.4% from a year ago, down from the 4.7% reading in November and in line with the Dow Jones … Read more

What is a ‘rolling recession’ and are we in one? Experts explain

By most measures, the US economy is in solid shape. Although the first half of 2022 started off with negative growth, a strong labor market and resilient consumer helped turn things around and give hope for the year ahead. related investing news Gross domestic product, which tracks the overall health of the economy, rose more … Read more

Global News at 5:30 Toronto: January 25, 2023

Global News at 5:30 Toronto Another violent incident on the TTC, as the CEO responds to growing safety concerns. After weeks of mild weather, southern Ontario is hit by a major snowstorm. And, Toronto Mayor John Tory is making an urgent call for action on mental health.

92% of millennial homebuyers say inflation has impacted their plans

Lifestyle Visuals | E+ | Getty Images It may come as no surprise that among millennials who have intended to buy a house this year, 92% said in a recent survey that inflation has impacted their goal. Yet most of them aren’t letting it serve as a roadblock, according to the survey from Real Estate … Read more

JPMorgan’s Kolanovic sees correction, hard landing

JPMorgan’s Marko Kolanovic is abstaining from the early 2023 rally. Instead, the Institutional Investor hall-of-famer is bracing for a 10% or more correction in the first half of this year, telling investors he’s “outright negative” on the market. “Fundamentals are deteriorating. And, the market has been moving up. So, that has to clash at some … Read more

Markets may be underestimating how much the Fed sees the 1970s in today

Investors are placing a big anti-inflation bet on stocks this year that may not pan out, according to Wolfe Research. The S & P 500 is up close to 5% year to date, a move coming as markets look forward to the end of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, which were implemented to control … Read more

investors assess monetary policy outlook

US Treasury yields were little changed Monday as investors mulled the Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision and considered the outlook for the broader economy. As of 5:27 am ET, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury was up just 1 basis point at 3.497%. The 2-year Treasury yield was flat at 4.185%. Yields and … Read more

Ron Insana says the solution to the inflation problem is more workers

Construction workers build a residential house in Bethesda, Maryland, January 18, 2023. Saul Loeb | Afp | Getty Images Demography is destiny, or at least many economists believe that to be true. That concept began with Thomas Robert Malthus, the 18th century British economist and demographer, who believed that overpopulation would lead to starvation and … Read more