Justice Shouldn’t Hurt: Detective Glenn Eddy exposes sickening tactics used in court

One of the country’s top cops has blown the lid on tactics used by the defense on alleged child sexual abuse victims in court to “aggressively go after” them in the hope the case falls apart. Detective Senior Constable Glenn Eddy, from the NSW Child Abuse Unit, is one of the state’s longest-serving and most … Read more

Call for jury trials to be scrapped in cases of sexual assault

Attorneys-General across Australia are being asked to consider sweeping reforms which would make the criminal justice system more accessible to victims of sexual assault. Sexual, domestic and family violence organization Full Stop Australia has made “comprehensive” submissions to state and federal governments about making the justice system “safer and less traumatizing” for victims. The organization … Read more

Los Angeles expands countywide program that provides solutions for community violence, treats the issue as a public health crisis

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – In the midst of National Public Health Week, Los Angeles city officials expanded a countywide program Wednesday that provides solutions to community violence, and treats the issue as a public health crisis. The county’s fight to end the cycle of violence plaguing so many communities got a boost from the Office … Read more

Sydney, Melbourne real estate: Affordable house shortage costing millions

A neglected problem at the core of Australia’s property market is causing increasingly disastrous consequences, new research shows. A dearth of social and affordable housing in Australia is costing communities tens of millions of dollars per year, and placing a “time bomb” at the heart of our economy. That is according to new analysis from … Read more