NSW family of seven stuck living in a tent amid housing crisis

NSW family of seven stuck living in a tent amid housing crisis

For four weeks, Patricia Thompson bore the full brunt of Australia’s escalating housing crisis. She, her partner and their five children were crammed inside a torn, old tent as they waited helplessly for a house to live in. The tent wasn’t a long-term solution for the family-of-seven, with a strict deadline approaching for them to … Read more

How To Sell Unwanted Gift Cards For Cash

How To Sell Unwanted Gift Cards For Cash

The holiday season is approaching — the most intoxicating, adrenaline-inducing time of year for shoppers. As always, you should be prepared to maintain a smile while receiving gifts that you may not want or cannot use. They say it’s the thought that counts, but hundreds of billions of dollars in holiday gifts are returned each … Read more

Protesters clash at ‘Story Telling With Drag Queens’ event in Vancouver

It was a confrontational scene in Kitsilano Friday. Video submitted to Global News shows protesters and counter-protesters coming face-to-face at a “Story Telling with Drag Queens” event. A group of anti-LGBTQ2 protesters showed up at the event at Kits House and were chanting and yelling profanities at organizers and participants. That spurred counter-protesters to come … Read more

Aussie parents warned of hidden danger in playgrounds

Australian parents are being warned of a commonly overlooked playground danger for kids ahead of summer. First aid group CPR kids issued the fresh warning about hot surfaces and playground equipment which can burn young feet as the change of season approaches. In fact, the group’s temperature tests across Sydney on a typical summer afternoon … Read more

The No. 1 thing that sets ‘SuperAgers’ apart from people with ‘weak memory skills’

There is a group of people that longevity researchers call “SuperAgers,” who are in their 80s and beyond, but have the cognitive function of those decades younger. Conversely, it’s possible for your brain to be older than your chronological age, which is what we want to avoid. As a neuroscience researcher and author of “The … Read more

Biden brings Thanksgiving pies to Nantucket first responders

NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) — President Joe Biden on Thursday delivered at least half a dozen pumpkin pies to Massachusetts firefighters during a Thanksgiving Day show of appreciation and his toddler grandson walked away with a red fire hat topping his blond curls. “Oh wow,” Biden was heard to say upon seeing Beau Biden, who is … Read more

High-flying balloon characters star in Thanksgiving parade

NEW YORK (AP) — Throngs of spectators lined the streets of New York on Thursday as colorful, high-flying balloons helped usher in the holiday season during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The annual tradition, which dates back nearly a century, packed streets as a procession of giant inflatables and floats streamed for more than 40 … Read more

Shocked couple discovers ‘alien hand’ on beach: ‘Looks like ET’s bones!’

Life’s a beach — or is it a boneyard? A skeletal hand appendage washed up in Brazil this week — and a horrified couple was ashore it was “alien bones.” Leticia Gomes Santiago and her boyfriend Devanir Souza were taking a romantic stroll on the beach when they happened upon it. The pair filmed the … Read more

Eating disorder support Butterfly Foundation warns Aussie teachers over ‘alarming’ classroom activity

WARNING: Distressing content Australian body image professionals have slammed an alarming complaint that a primary school used a set of scales to publicly rank young students according to weight. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Backlash to teachers using student’s weight for ‘learning exercises’ Watch the latest news and stream for free on 7plus >> Eating disorder … Read more