A Lottery Winner In Ontario Was Scared Of Losing His Ticket After Discovering It’s Worth

The only bad part of having something good happen to you is the wave of nerves that immediately follows. A lottery winner in Ontario recently admitted to knowing those anxious thoughts all too well. According to OLG, Woodbridge resident Xung Xang Luu won a whopping $62,225.10 after scoring the second prize in the October 12, … Read more

A Lottery Winner In Ontario Took His Ticket To Multiple Stores To Make Sure It Was Legit

A lottery winner in Ontario went above and beyond to check the legitimacy of his ticket after winning $1 million in the September 17, 2022, Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball Draw. Richmond Hill resident Alton Johnson, a regular lottery player, admitted he’s been waiting a long time to hit big while collecting his winnings at the … Read more

A Group Of Ontario Co-Workers Won $2M In The Lotto & The Reveal Almost Ended In A 911 Call

Sharing is caring, especially when the sharing is millions of dollars. According to OLG, a group of Greater Toronto Area coworkers won a whopping $2 million after scoring Ontario 49’s top prize in the August 20, 2022 draw. The group members were: Gail Simon of Nestleton Bradley Hale of Port Perry Lorna Horner of Uxbridge … Read more

Someone From BC Is Now An Ontario Lottery Winner After Scoring $6M While Visiting Toronto

All these people in Toronto and still, a BC resident wins the Ontario lottery? That’s luck, folks. On August 6, Troy Maulding from Burnaby in British Columbia won a whopping $6 million in the Lotto 6/49 draw. The BC resident told OLG at the prize center in Toronto that he is a regular Lotto 6/49 … Read more

Ontario Just Got A Bunch Of New Lottery Winners & One Lucky Person Is Now $55M Richer

An Ontario lottery ticket worth over $50 million was recently sold in the GTA, but the winner has yet to come forward. According to OLG, someone won the $55 million jackpot from Friday’s draw on August 5, 2022, and the winning Lotto Max ticket was sold “somewhere in Toronto.” So you better jump to it … Read more