‘Being a good tenant is not enough’: Londoners being driven out by huge rent hikes

L ondon tenants are being forced to move out of their homes after being hit by sudden rent hikes as campaigners warn the chaotic market is breeding a “culture of malpractice” For months now an extreme lack of available rental stock in the capital has created fierce competition for new lettings, and led to a … Read more

Why Melbourne is now the cheapest Australian city to rent a house in

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Rent in London: Prices hit record highs in the pressure of new cost of living

L Ondon rents have risen to record highs in a “drastic” new cost of living squeeze for hundreds of thousands of renters, according to a new study. The average monthly rent in London rose 10.9 per cent last year to £ 2,142, sending them above pre-pandemic levels for the first time by the end of … Read more