Markets are watching for more clues on Fed hikes and the economy in the week ahead

Investors may be a bit more cautious in the week ahead, with stocks seeking direction in quiet trading and the bond market’s warnings about recession getting louder. Stocks eked out modest gains on Friday, but were negative for the week. The market could be sluggish in the coming Thanksgiving holiday week, one of the quietest … Read more

The stock market rally will be put to the test in the week ahead, after yields fall and tech surges

The stock market’s rally after October’s inflation report will be tested in the week ahead, as investors watch some major retailers’ earnings and a flurry of Federal Reserve speakers. But the main event is the market itself and whether it can turn a supercharged move higher into a more lasting rally that lifts stocks even … Read more

Year-end rally ignited as rates fell and loosened their grip on stocks

Treasury yields fell sharply and eased their grip on the stock market Thursday, helping fuel the monster rally that broke out after a report of cooler-than-expected inflation data. The rise in yields this year has choked off stock market gains and weighed on technology and growth stocks in particular. They are high-priced stocks that do … Read more

Mortgage rates fall sharply to below 7% after inflation eases

A ‘For Sale’ sign is posted in front of a single family home on October 27, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida. Joe Raedle | Getty Images Mortgage rates fell sharply Thursday after a government report showed that inflation had cooled in October, prompting a decline in bond yields. The average rate on the 30-year fixed plunged … Read more

What Cramer is watching Thursday — cooler inflation, FTX crypto fallout, TJX upgrade

US stock futures shot up more than 800 points and the 10-year Treasury yield sank below 4% after the CPI release.

The markets are returning to the ‘old normal’ of higher bond yields — what it means for investors

Bonds this year have been the main source of discomfort for their owners and the key inflictor of the pain the Federal Reserve believes the economy and markets must bear to defeat inflation. The unsettling impact of the relentless ramp in Treasury yields from historic lows to 14-year highs has been as clear and explosive … Read more

Stocks could continue to break higher as Apple, big tech reports earnings in the week ahead

Stocks are expected to take their cue from the bond market in the week ahead, as investors weigh earnings from bellwethers Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Strategists continue to watch the market’s trading patterns for signs a bottom is forming after the Oct. 13 washout, when the market first fell and then surged following a hotter-than-expected … Read more

What Cramer is watching Friday — a new wild card for Musk and Twitter, more earnings

Stock futures rebounded Friday morning as the Street continues to assess earnings.

This stock market rally has some staying power but there is one big obstacle

Stocks bounced off bad news on inflation last week and have been rising in the kind of broad-based rally that suggests the move higher could endure. But the surge in stock prices has also been accompanied by higher bond yields, and that worries strategists who follow stock charts. The closely watched 10-year yield has been … Read more

Handicapping whether the stock market is at a turning point after Thursday’s upside reversal

“Maybe.” That’s the only fair answer to whether last week’s upside reversal – violent and rare as it was in scale and speed – will prove important as a market turning point or even matter at all. Such things are only knowable in retrospect. At the moment there literally is no answer – whether the … Read more